The SSC conferences form a significant part of chemometrics in Scandinavia. They are biennial and rotate amongst the Nordic countries – with the exception of SSC14 in Sardinia. Despite the name, the SSC conferences are international and visited by scientists from all over the world.

SSC16 is the 16th symposium, and it will be held in Oslo, Norway 17-20 of June, 2019.

What’s new at SSC16?

The subtitle of SSC16 is “Chemometrics in Action”. The conference will focus on the usefulness and versatility of chemometric methods in scientific and applied disciplines such as spectroscopy, process control and in the –omics area. Other areas of interest are multi-way methods, multivariate image analysis, data fusion, sensory analysis, chemometrics in analytical chemistry, uncertainty and validation, Big data and chemometrics, deep learning.

The SSC16 has some new features:

  • After each invited presentation there will be a discussion. Before the open discussion, an invited and prepared discussant will give his/her comments and feedback to the talk.
  • A separate session devoted to PhD projects
  • Three parallel tutorials before lunch the first day of the conference.