Monday June 17th

  • Tutorial Sessions (parallel):
    • Spectroscopy – Tom Fearn – University College London
    • Process Modelling – Frank Westad – Camo and Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    • -omics – Johan Westerhuis – University of Amsterdam
  • Start of the Conference
  • Session: Chemometrics for process modelling/control/monitoring
    • Invited speaker: Frans van den Berg – University of Copenhagen
    • Discussant: Frank Westad – Camo and Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Tuesday June 18th

  • Session: Chemometrics in the -omics area
    • Invited speaker: Edoardo Saccenti – University of Wageningen
    • Discussant: Ingrid Måge – Nofima
    • Invited speaker: Jeroen Jansen – Radboud University Nijmegen
    • Discussant: Rasmus Bro – University of Copenhagen
  • Session: PhD projects

Wednesday June 19th

  • Session: Deep learning, machine learning and chemometrics
  • Session: Path modelling, graphical modelling and causality
    • Invited speaker: Rosaria Romano – University of Calabria, Italy
    • Discussant: Johan Trygg – Umeå University, Sweden
  • Conference dinner

Thursday June 20th

End of Conference