Path modeling with multi-block regression method SO-PLS


A new approach to path modeling based on sequential and orthogonalized multiblock PLS regression will be presented. New definitions of the effects (direct, indirect, total, additional) arising from a chain of influence between blocks will be discussed and illustrated by case studies from sensory and consumer analysis.


Rosaria Romano earned her PhD in Statistics by the University Federico II of Naples (Italy). She has been postdoc at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), and postdoctoral fellow at both the Second University of Naples (Italy) and at the University of Macerata (Italy). From 2019, she is Assistant Professor at Department of Economics and Statistics at the University Federico II of Naples where she teaches Statistical Methods for Marketing Researches and Statistics for Business. Her research interests cover traditional multivariate analyses and structural equation models. Rosaria is the author of numerous publications in both national and international journals. E-mail: rosaria.romano@unical.it

  • What is your relation to chemometrics?

I am a researcher in applied statistics and I have analyzed chemometric data in some of my research activities.

  • What are your favourite methods of data analysis, and why?

I do not have a preferred method, but there are methods I often use for data analysis such as PCA, cluster analysis and linear models. For the analysis of complex phenomena, often a single method is not enough, but an analysis strategy is needed, which combines different methods.


  • How do you see the future of chemometrics?

I believe that the future of chemometrics is promising. In recent years there is much discussion about big data in statistical conferences, and in my opinion, chemometrics has been dealing with complex data structures for years (many observations, many variables).

  • What do you look forward to at SSC16?

I expect a very pleasant conference where many researchers, not just Scandinavians, will discuss interesting and innovative research topics in a friendly and collaborative way.

I’m sure it will be a fulfilling experience, as all my previous experiences in Scandinavia have been.